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Who Are WE

Ammunition and Guns came into existence 2012, forged by Peter Gallenson and his son Maverick. Persistency made ammunition and guns what it is today. We have been in business for years, with experience in which we aim to provide premium personal service to our clients. We also offer wholesale products and services for other gunshops.

Ammunition and Guns is more than just a “place to buy guns”, it’s a community. We have built an experience where clients can enjoy their time with us and leave with a smile on their face. Our indoor range provides a facility for our various guns to be tested out and a layout for target practice. Many at times, we create our communities for better experience and socials. We started as a gun shop that has persisted through the years. Our constant change and improvement reflects on our growth over the years as we expand into wholesale services to supply smaller gun shops across North America

Our purpose is to provide the best service and products to our clients. Our gun shop is dedicated to our customers and we strive to offer them with the best of what they consistently expect from us.

Premium service and range shooting would be our specialty. Our objective is not just to sell ammunition but offer our clients the caretaring about gun and ammo that they need. We have been a team of expert who are ready to help out and deliver services as required.

Ammunition and Gun Shop

Our Team is committed to supplying you with quality the best collection of rifles, shotguns and pistols products
from top-selling brands like Winchester, Remington, Browning at reasonable prices, Low overhead as well as minimal operating
expenses enable us to offer the lowest possible prices for our goods and services. We are a federally licensed firearms dealer and
distributor for several manufacturers. All transactions are in strict compliance with federal and state laws. All firearms must be
shipped to you through a FFL dealer in your area for background check & transfer to you as covered in the How To Buy section.
We are your best online gun store.

If you have never been to a gun shop, you may be surprised that you can buy a gun for less than half the price! A gun shop is a bit like a candy store, you can walk out with dozens of firearms, but you must know which type of gun you want before you go. Pistols, for example, are smaller firearms with short barrels that have great accuracy. Pistols are also easier to carry and shoot with one hand. They are excellent for protection, self-defense, and range shooting. The primary difference between rifles and shotguns is that they are shot differently: while shotguns are loaded from the rear end (or back), rifles load from the front end (or muzzle).

We specialize in finding great deals for ammunition and guns. Whether you’ve been buying guns for years or have never held one before, we offer a range of options that everyone should consider before making their choice. We have over 500,000 products to choose from, so you can find whatever type of ammo or weapon you need – handguns, rifles and shotguns to air rifles and crossbows.

Gunsmith Ammunition Shooting Optics Servicing


Ahrens Guns stocks a wide variety of Handgun, Rifle and Shotgun Ammunition for just about all known calibers. Norma, RWS, Sellier & Bellot , ELEY, and PMP are just a few of the Brands that Clients can find here.


Our indoor shooting range that is perfectly suitable for Sidearm training and practice. 25 Meter maximum range will test your skill and build your confidence. We also offer basic training that will teach you how to safely handle your Firearm. Book Now.


We hold a wide variety of Clothing and Protective Gear. Helikon-Tex, Sniper, 3M, RAM are a few Brands that protect against weather and noise. If you need more Protection, we also have bullet proof vests, Riot Shields, Helmets and much more to satisfy all your Personal Protection needs.


Stockist of sporting optics ranging from Zeiss & German Precision Optics to Leupold and Nikko Sterling, we have one that fits your needs and budget. We offer professional advice and the chance to try all of these in real life conditions. A large selection of Range finders and the perfect pair Birding Binoculars is waiting for you.


Reloading equipment from LEE Precision, RCBS & Hornady. Brass cases from Lapua,Norma,Sako & More. Primers including CCI & Fiocchi.


Our in-house Gunsmith will take care of all your needs when it comes to your actual Firearm. Clean & Service, Scope Fitment, Suppressor Fitment, Sight In and General Repair are just a few of the Services we offer at Ahrens Guns & Ammunition.


We Stock various accessories to fulfill all Hunting ,Tactical & Sporting wishes. Viper Flex shooting styx to help you or your client take the perfect shot. CAA RONI’s for your pistol .We also stock a Wide variety IMI Defense holsters. Flashlights from Nitecore to light your way in the dark!


We are the Agent for Merkel and Haenell in Namibia and carry a wide variety on stock. We do custom orders for the double rifle of your dreams. We specialize in Glock pistols and we help find you the perfect fit. Variety of firearms in stock – Pistol, Rifles Shotguns – and if we don’t have it we will get it!